Headlines and Curation – Loose Traverse

September 13, 2013 § 1 Comment

1. Some headlines of what has come up for me before, during and after the walk:-












2. A few thoughts on the matter of curation:

I’m happy for any of my work to be used in any way  – feels a bit risky and I keep typing in the words “in any respectful way” and then deleting them again. But I think I can trust that that will be the case.

Like Peter I really don’t want to see 26 seperate sets of images identified with each participant.

I had the two following ideas:-

1. We could – as a group:-

Look for any common themes that might have emerged around eg location, subject matter, texture and colour, particular ideas/concepts/philosophies about London/the urban etc and regroup images under these headings – Mile End could be a contender for example.


2. A pair or small group of people could select a different set of images that they like (taken by anyone) and create a collection from them – which they could then treat in whatever way they liked – eg cut them up, make into a collage or book, frame beautifully, roast in an oven…….etc

Jennifer Roberts Friday 13th September 2013


Ownership and Creative Control

April 8, 2013 § 2 Comments

The posts about musical and other improvisation bring this discussion into a context which I’m familiar with in at least two spheres of my life. As a Jazz musician (vocalist) I’ve played with free and structured improvisation, and have experienced (very occasionally!) that moment when – everyone listening to each other and responding – everything just falls perfectly into place. The hard work has been done, but at the moment of creation it can feel effortless.

Then as a part of my training as a counsellor in the 1990’s I took part in an unstructured course at Southwark College where a group of 50 plus people from all types of schools and disciplines sat together in a circle one day a week for two years and negotiated the content, structure and final assessment procedures for the training. The clash of those titans Task and Process was pretty much continuous.

Both these experiences brought me into a head on collision with my own attitudes to creative control and ownership, and for me personally these are still the fundamental issues with November.

I love the idea of a version of the Wing Project, but, as I discovered when John Levett brought up the idea of this kind of collaboration in the Greenwich satellite group, I have some less rational responses. Immediately I find myself thinking – well I’d be prepared to submit this work to that process, but maybe not that work, and – well I can still keep the original images and use them elsewhere as they were……… There’s more of an emotional attachment to some images, and the Process of handing them over is not straightforward for me. I have even refused offers to buy my pictures and musical compositions – barely understanding my own reluctance. Sharing work and the process of creating it makes me feel vulnerable. Maybe, as came up in the last Crossing Lines meeting, someone else will have done the same as me only better, maybe someone will steal my ideas, maybe they will look at my work and laugh about it behind my back….This doesn’t have to stop me sharing my work in progress, but I need to acknowledge it or it will get in the way.

The ethos of Crossing Lines is about collaboration, and when collaboration really takes off – when the improvisation just flies – it’s exhilarating and extremely rewarding. So I would be up for Wing, but also for working together with another person or persons on our shared images – especially if that person shares my uninvited feelings of reluctance! The theme or title of the exhibition (the Task) is less important for me, it’s the Process that is the exciting and challenging part.

By the way – putting this post up as part of a collaboration of ideas on the blog is just as nervewracking…..

Interesting book about improvisation:- “Free Play The Power of Improvisation in Life and the Arts” by Stephen Nachmanovitch 1990 ISBN 0-87477-631-7

Jennifer Roberts