Making Your Own Wings

April 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

The below is a re-posting of a response to one of Peter’s earlier Lowdowns. A comment that I feel, on reflection, requires the glory of being its own post:

A response to Peter: I don’t think the Wings assignment, as practiced in the Asylum show is a good model, for all the reasons you explain. That said, it wasn’t my intention to replicate the show’s approach in Crossing-Lines, rather for us to take it as a prototype and then innovate. So, not one object, and not one (or three) curator(s).

Here’s my suggestion for an improvement on their model:

Many objects sent back and forth between interested parties. John has started this ball rolling with Ingrid. Perhaps others may also wish to initiate their own dialogues? I like the idea of objects whizzing around between participants, via post and email, physical and virtual, some being re-worked, some remixed (whatever that exactly means…), some being discarded, some becoming various, some being added to, some being pared down….

it seems to me that the best way to conceive of this project is as an experiment in new ways of making work in collaboration(s) with others and of collaborating on ways of curating those collaborations – collaboration squared, in other words.

Finally, Peter, it seems like the goals you talk of, relating to a critical street photography, apply to a more centrally directed project than this? Can such a rigorous task be achieved by such a loose and diverse collaborative structure? I am unconvinced. A directly political goal surely needs a more central thrust, IMHO. Happy to be proved wrong, though.

Nick Scammell


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